I have ported this porject to WebGL. You can see it here.

An OpenGL version of the classic board game. The game requires OpenGL (gl, glu, gult). It was written and tested on a Ubuntu Linux system using gcc 3.3, 3.4 and 4.0. Windows support is theoretically possible but has not been tested. For best results use an Nvidia card with the Nvidia Linux drivers.

The game was written in one month's time for the cs488 final project. It includes such features as a custom 3D font, multi-difficulty AI, demo mode (AI's play each other), texture mapping, "fog", shadows, animation using interpolation, and a particle system. The orginal also included sound but it has been removed to decrease file size.

To compile and run just make in the src directory and then execute ./battleship for the src or exe directories. A manual expalining how to play and a description of the algorithms used is included in the doc directory.


Game board Under table Game board, side view Coffe Mug
Images of the game, the ceiling and the floor.

Rocket Frame 1 Rocket Frame 2 Rocket Frame 3 Rocket Frame 4
Images of the rocket. With orange and blue fire and with/without the path drawn.

L-System Wall pattern L-System Wall pattern
Images of some of the L-System patterns.

View of font View of font
A good demonstration of the font.