I really enjoy programming. I used to write programs for fun all the time. These days I usually focus all my programming energy on work. I normally create a program for one of three reasons:

  1. To do something complicated for me
  2. The challenge of writing the program interests me
  3. I'm bored

Here is a list, in no particular order of my misc projects. Many of these are laughably old. I host my relatively modern projects on GitHub, but even they are starting to show their age at this point. Unless otherwise specified everything listed here is licensed under the GPL.

JavaScript Games

I wrote a bunch of games in JavaScript.


My CS488 (Graphics) final project (Note: the source provided has sound disabled).


A Window Manager written in JavaScript. Eventually to be followed by a whole toolkit. I think it works less well in IE but it still works.

PHP Calendar · Source

A calendar program I wrote in php one day when bored at school. I gzipped it so it wouldn't be interpreted as php.

Avl Tree · Test

A C implementation of a standard avl tree. Wrote this
while I was bored at work. I've tried alot of test
cases but no guarantees its perfect.